School House Letters for Sale

These are a super special treat! These letters came off the front of a school, and a friend of mine happened to bring a whole bunch of these home for me! They have large screws coming off the back where they were attached to the brick, and are solid metal. These suckers are serious! These would be lovely in a child’s room or nursery, or in your home as decor (I have one painted mint blue)! These can be easily customized or left as is. If you need some ideas, check out Pinterest and email me!



All letters are about 17″ in height

There are (3) O’s, (1) S, (1) Y, (1) R, (2) E’s, (1) L, (1) M, (1) H

Price: $20 each

If you would like me to customize these, there will be an additional charge depending on what you would like done.

If you are interested in these letters, email me!

Thanks for stopping by Rusty Junk Couture!


  1. Brenda Ettredge says:

    Hi Katie. I just saw where Diana posted your site on facebook. l’d like to purchase one of the letters from you. I would like an “E”. Would it be possible for me to pick it up through your Aunt Diana and Uncle Hal? We live in Tennessee but will be in Denton the last week of December and we could make plans to pick it up directly from you, but if you see them before and they agreed – then we could pick it up from them. I’d be happy to get payment to you right away – could I mail you a check? I am wondering if you are Clydene’s daughter? My husband went to school with Hal and was close to Hal’s family. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  2. merry wade says:

    i’d love the ‘m’. do you ship? probably heavy, so i’m wondering how much to ship to austin, texas. i’m a howard payne friend of dianna, btw; looks like she’s drummin’ up some business for you. :)

    • says:

      Hi Merry! Let me check on the shipping cost. I could ship it to you, but since it’s so heavy, I’m not sure the shipping cost would be worth it. I will find out first thing tomorrow morning and let you know!