Sliding Door “Dresser” for Sale

I have the cutest little sliding door dresser for you! So cute isn't it?! This is the condition I got it in, and I have not done anything to it yet. I decided to wait on this piece, and customize it especially for someone. These doors are a little tough to slide, so I would suggest this more for just a storage piece, rather than daily use. Measurements:¬†Measurements: 35" long, 30" in … [Read more...]

School House Letters for Sale

These are a super special treat! These letters came off the front of a school, and a friend of mine happened to bring a whole bunch of these home for me! They have large screws coming off the back where they were attached to the brick, and are solid metal. These suckers are serious! These would be lovely in a child's room or nursery, or in your home as decor (I have one painted mint blue)! These … [Read more...]

Window Frames for Sale

I have some lovely old window frames that came off of a farm house. They are missing some glass panes, but so many things could be done with these. If you would like me to customize these for you in some way, check out Pinterest for some ideas, and then email me! The window on the far left is just the frame and has no glass panes. Each window measures to about 27 1/2" ¬†by ¬†34/1/2" Price: $18 … [Read more...]